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Oregon Foreclosure Avoidance (OFA) Program

The Oregon Legislature created the Oregon Foreclosure Avoidance (OFA) Program to help struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure. Prior to commencing a judicial or nonjudicial foreclosure, most lenders must request a resolution conference with a homeowner. Alternatively, homeowners who meet certain requirements may request a resolution conference with a lender.

The resolution conferences in this program are aimed at providing the homeowner and their lender with a neutral environment within which to discuss options for avoiding foreclosure. These options include those aimed at retaining the home and those designed for a graceful exit from the home.

If you, as the homeowner, choose to participate in the program, your lender must abide by all the rules of the program. Once you elect to participate you will receive free foreclosure counseling from a state-approved housing counselor, a direct, face-to-face meeting with your lender, and neutral oversight from a trained mediator or facilitator.

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